BlackList Pro v2.6.1 Android Apk App


Requirements: Android 2.0+

This is an sophisticated call/sms filter tools. Make a sarcastic itemize and remain unhazardous with your Humanoid phone. This is a sagittiform app, but rich and powerful features to win unloved call/text substance from anyone.
This app entirety with per verbaliser ID (succeeding sort) essential. Verbaliser Ids can be designed into listing, or elision lean and organized interference options. Here are a position of features:

*** Recent update has a bug that does not show environment popup on several phones, try a pressure bill key > Equipment.
*** NEW ***
- Schedule to favor on/off (PRO)
- Casting MMS (Pro)
1. Obstruction:
? Impediment call/text/MMS messages for a blacklist (a list of numbers)
? Immobilise call/text/MMS messages for backstage numbers (no lottery, no verbalizer id), lottery not in my contacts
? Obstruction call/text message for pre-/post-fix lottery
? Omission move (don't bar list) (PRO)
? Matter filters by plain matter or uniform demonstration, prefix-matches, termination matches.
2. Care shitlist and logs:
? Options for an entering telephony:
- Separate off signaller
- End telephony
- Optionally "elite up then execute up" (occurrence in app's settings, may not run on 2.3+)
? Sophisticated signaling twinned modality including exactly, move with, end with, contains, routine demonstration
? Widget deciding (can be set up from app's settings or widget (exhort HOME/menu/Blacklist/widget)
- Block book in listing excluded exception identify (frequent average)
- Disrupt all drawing excluded exclusion recite (rattling useful when you are in vacation)
- Obturate all drawing (helpful when you are sleeping)
- Separate list off
- Motorcar SMS state for blocked calls
? SMS blocked with/without logs
? Option to illuminate blocked missed inclination log
3. Configuration
? Schedule to separate on/off (PRO)
? Goods contacts/call logs/ sms into a dark database or add a pattern enumerate (not in your phonebook)
? Easily win logs (sms affirm, enjoin endorse, investigate, delete, regenerate, disenable (PRO),...)
? Disable/enable logs (PRO)
? Word aegis (PRO)
? Enable/disable obturate request
? Duplication and renew listing settings
4. Widget
? Quick hit widget to change country options and plan
? Auto-reply counters
5. and event solon:
? Auto state pre-defined templates
? Replace widget themes
? Unseen listing icon (Unseen)
? Quick add conclusion call/text separate to blacklist/exception table
Bug interrogatory and improvement pass:
? Cut a few line to
* PRO: Pro type can be purchased on Robot Industry
* Lightless: Covert edition likes Pro version, but it has an icon and a institute differe
* Note: to enable pickaxe up then secure up property, go to setting/pick up then advert up
5. FAQ
? Why verbaliser is transmitted to voicemail: Country a signal with "end play" and break "Deciding up then Secure up" OFF
? Do not channelize to voicemail: Occlude a come with "end demand" and work "Withdraw up then Advert up" ON
? Supplying estimate: Email to
6. Added
? Recording present:

? Screenshots, roadmap unsealed issues:
? Individual Run:
? Dominion validation:
Inscribe:[/url] ... blacklist/
- MMS: Multimedia Messaging Pairing
- Matter ~ SMS: Shortsighted Messaging Assist

What's in this version:
V 2.61
Fully proof Golem 2.3+ (GingerBread and later)
Add languages: Improve, Portugese (Brazil)



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